Mimi Trasadas and Gabby de Mesa
January 2010

Jamie Go and Stanley Villasi
April 2010

Hanika Gloria Mirza and Geral Escalante
April 2010

Jeffrey Ramos and wife =p
May 2010

Karla Develos and Patrick Ryan
May 2010

Mitch Cagadas and Jeff Leus
May 2010

Ivy San Diego and Omar Josef Guerrero
May 2010

Gladys Obaniana and Jhimboy Santiago
June 5, 2010 (she had her wedding a day after mine! hahaha... so we obviously didnt go to each others wedding. we were both busy!)

Lachi Chico and James ... (what is his last name nga?)
July 2010 (photos by Niño Nucum! Awesome!!)

Nica Rodriguez and Roberto Samsom
July 2010

Mitch Racho and Jenor Salazar
September 2010

Princess Siao and Sasha Ollik
November 2010

Jappeth Santiago and Elben John Obaldo
December 2010

Ain't that a lot??? Wow, marrying age na tlga kami!!!