This couple is the reason why I’m getting married this June. (wahahaha…) I told you that Bert and I were supposed to be married on October 10 but Prinz got the same date for her wedding too so we had to move it some other time. Apparently, because of that day’s popularity, Prinz was not able to book her venue and decided to move the wedding to November so none of us will get a 10-10-10 anniversary!!! Lol  =D

Prinz and Sash met in a very modern way… INTERNET. I’ve not heard of face-pic.com until Prinz mentioned it this morning. It’s somewhat similar to the other social networking sites like Friendster or Facebook. You can meet new friends by posting your picture and profile. At that time, Prinz was mmm depressed because of a previous “dreadful” relationship (and I don’t think I’d like to disclose why I said dreadful).

Their friendly exchange of emails and texts soon began to blossom until Sasha decided to move from Germany to the Philippines for good a year after they first met.

And now, after 7 fruitful years… they have decided to “be one.”
2/24/2010 07:06:59 am

Haha you got it right.. Good luck sa preparations niyo. I know how hard and pricey it is!
Our wedding in on Nov, 28 so better book that date. ;) Thanks for the feature!

2/24/2010 07:12:02 am

kerekness! "pricey" pero sabi nga ni shiela .. it's all worth it.. =)


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