Category: Hosts - THE BIG DAY: Albert and Viviene
Long before I decided to get married (long before I even had a boyfriend), I knew that Jay would be my host! He's the in-house host of the Singles Ministry and CCF in general. If they need a host, Jay would always be top of the mind. Jay and I would always be together in these events. But since this is my wedding, I can't host with him~ and then comes Marie.

No, they are not an item. Hahahha.. I've seen Marie and Jay host in a wedding. They are a perfect couple. (I mean as hosts.) So, it wasn't hard deciding who to team up with Jay. With the kind of program we have in the wedding, Jay and Marie would sure be the best hosts I can get next to Oprah or Boy Abunda.

Thanks Marie and Jay for helping us out in the wedding preparation!