Joni. She isn’t just a good or great friend. She is definitely a BESTFRIEND. We’ve known each other since high school but we only became real best friends in college. We’ve got lots and lots and lots of worth remembering experiences (some of them, we dare not publicize!). I often get her into trouble by persuading her to skip class to go to Binondo or Divisoria for no urgent reason. Hahaha. I so miss those late night kwentuhans with Jo… I miss you sis!!!!

Tita Elvie. I dream of THE day she’d be a bride herself! (and I’m inviting myself to be there! Heheheh…). We’ve gone a long way in the d-group. I can’t even remember the year we met. But I do remember those Thursday nights we used to meet in a small room in CCF together with Allen. Thanks mommy elvie for being one of my usherettes! Mwahhh

Ate Chel. I’m so glad to have another sister in the family. She’s shy and simple (very much my opposite). I don’t know how else to describe her apart from shy and simple. Heheh… Mwah!