(I don't know how to start. I've been staring at the computer screen for so and so minutes already and no idea has come up just yet. Let's see where my mind leads me...)

Albert is a very cheerful person. You'll see him smile all the time even when he is in a tough situation. He doesn't sulk, whine or worry over a big problem (no matter how big). He believes (and shows it too) that his God is mightier than any problem in the world combined.

He's such a loving partner. (naks, may ganun?) He is sweet in his own ways. He has creative ways of showing it too. =) That reminded me. He loves numbers and drawing that's why I'm certain he is in the right field. He once texted me "138 days from now, you'll be Mrs Bigornia" and there was another text before "720 hours ago, I came to know you deeper" Something to that effect. And just yesterday, he gave me a portrait of our picture for Valentines Day. (Thanks JING! It was great!) And if you've seen in "The Proposal," he also has his unique way of asking my hand in marriage. =)

I'm so glad to have you! I love you!
5/12/2010 01:59:21 pm



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