When I saw Nicai a.k.a Janina for the first time, I knew right there and then... She is a certified fashionista! She loves make up and fashion (and it also shows). She always looks flawless in her normal outfit - jeans, shirt and blazer. That is her "boy days." She would sometimes show up with her ever girly outfit specifically on Screening Days which she loves so much!

I'm so glad we met just in time before The Big Day! Thank you seatmate for all your beauty tips!
2/22/2010 11:03:38 am

Way to go, lil boy!

2/22/2010 11:05:32 am

hahha... joni~ hahahah... she doesn't look like a little boy at all in that picture. =D

*wait till you see her in person. hehe..

i love janina! =D

2/22/2010 11:27:22 am

excuuuse me? Joni? Lil boy? WTH hahahahaha!


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