Performers - Gel and Uriel - THE BIG DAY: Albert and Viviene
Gel and Uriel
I really want a ballet dance on our wedding but I don’t know any ballerina at all! So I started praying for it. All I asked God was someone who is passionate in dancing.

And then came GEL…!

I can’t thank God enough for leading me to her! (Thanks to Tita Len and Debra!) I literally shed tears of joy after receiving a “yes” from her. Answered prayer!

Gel started dancing at an early age after following the footsteps of her cousin and best friend Uriel. I’m guessing it’s roughly a decade of swaying in the center stage. They used to be together in ACTS Manila. This is where Gel became the youngest ever to get in. What an achievement! Right now, Uriel is still with them, but Gel decided to just dance in general.  

For them, "Ballet isn't just about dancing in recitals or getting paid for mall shows. It's always been about the passion and how great it feels to spread a message to an audience through dance - especially when the message is about God."

Achieving their dream of getting into New York Ballet or ACB in the States is definitely not far from reality.

I am so thankful for both of you! I’m so so so so excited! Thanks Gel and send my warmest thanks to Uriel too!

Big HUG!
4/15/2010 03:16:06 pm


big thank you again! ^_^

4/17/2010 07:36:18 pm

Thank you, Viviene! :D
I can't wait to officially meet you. And this website's so pretty. :)


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