Vanenot (that is how we call her) is a very very good friend of mine. I would describe her as a fragrant flower that when she is around, you would sense joy, peace and love. =) Even if I just talk to her over the phone or email her, she would inspire me beyond limits. And! She is the one who invited me to CCF. Back in college, I knew she prayed for me hard so I would get to know our Savior. And I thank you for that, Vane! Thank you for unceasingly praying for my soul! =)

We were classmates in college and had photography class back then. I vividly remember how fascinated Vanenot is in photos. She even spent a whole night in my house talking to my dad about photography. (My dad is a hobbyist. That’s perhaps where my brother got the photography blood.)

And on my special day, I specifically chose 2 special people to do the photos that day, Vane and Alex.

Thank you so much, Vane!

Viv, I am so touched by this post. And I am deeply honored that you chose me to be your wedding photographer.:) (May GOD be with me as I take ur precious moments) haha.. This is enough motivation for me to study hard and quick. :) haha Seriously now, thank you for making me part of your special dream wedding day. I am blessed by your life Viv. I love you! Best Wishes to you and your soon to be hubby!


thanks vane! *big hug*

love you!


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