The Bride - Viviene - THE BIG DAY: Albert and Viviene
I need your help here. I think you should help me describe myself! Anyone?
2/18/2010 07:03:23

She was the Pilgrim and I was the Evangelist in our Mission Possible play in tagaytay retreat, soon she will be my loving partner for life! I call her "Pretty" and "Love". She always comforts me even when I’m "masungit" (dahil stressed sa work) kaya love na love ko yan.. she always makes my heart smile kasi malambing. It’s you whom I always wanted... I love you with all of my heart Mrs. Viviene Grace V. Bigornia.

2/18/2010 08:45:11

yiheee... so cheesy hehehhe... thank you! i love you too, mr bigornia!!! =)


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