As you know, they are the only 2 people in our family who can sing (decently). Needless to say, I am making them perform on our wedding day.

We still don’t know what to make them sing though hahaha. We’re deliberating on a few songs and I doubt we’d come up with a decision anytime soon!

Marchelle.  Apart from being a performer, Marchelle has been a great help to me in preparing for the wedding. She did the AVP way ahead. She helped manage the songs we needed to play. She also helped wrap the souvenirs. Thank you tats!

Kuya. Kuya is a savior. He said he’s buying us ref as a wedding present and he can’t take that back because it is now in black and white. People all over the world can see this post! Hahaha… Thank you kuya and we are excited to get the ref! I cant buy stuff that spoil easily hahaha.. We look forward to your awesome gift!!!
5/24/2010 04:48:44 pm

D ba pwedeng electric fan nlang? Kahit dalawa pa, tig-isa kayo ni bert.

5/24/2010 04:55:46 pm

hindi po eh.. hahahhhaha... feeling ko may magreregalo samin ng electric fan. pero ref wala.. kasi ikaw lang un hahahahha


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