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5 cans of Spanish sardines (I use 555, it think it is the cheapest)

500 grams of Spaghetti
Salt and pepper to taste
Grated cheese

This is so easy. You can do this in less that 15 minutes. Boil the pasta as the instruction says. For some, boiling takes 2 minutes or longer. While you are doing this, in a separate pan you can already cook the sauce. Sautee the garlic, add the Spanish sardines and tomatoes. My mom wants to add cream on it. You can do that too. Sardines are already cooked, so you are merely heating it.

Drain the pasta and serve it in a plate with your Sardines and add grated cheese!

Ang dali diba? =p


*Recipe c/o Aisha!

I love being in the kitchen not because I cook a lot but because I love eating!

As I approach “The Big Day,” I know that learning how to cook is a skill I should learn to master. I didn’t even know how to cook rice until a few months ago. (oopss)

It would be nice if you could also share your journey in learning how to cook! And perhaps post some recipes you’d like us to try! =)

Chicken Fillet
A can of cream of mushroom

A can of mushroom

This was supposed to be a can of cream of corn and asparagus plus a can of chicken chunks. When I went to the grocery store I didn’t find these ingredients so I just came up with this recipe. Hehe.. 

Fry the chicken fillet with butter. Set it aside. Slice the mushroom and simmer it in the cream of mushroom. Then that’s it… Add salt and pepper to taste. More pepper would be good.

As an alternative, you can use a breading and deep fry. =)

Serve the chicken and put the sauce on top.