I had been following Glamour Weddings since I first saw it. I love the wedding ideas here and I totally love seeing unique weddings here..

Here are some of my favorites:

1.)    Real (Casual) Wedding: “We got our families together and ate burgers!”
Who said we should eat in a fancy restaurant on weddings? We can eat burgers!!!
2.)    Tiny wedding. Just 13 people with dogs!
I love the idea of having a small wedding. (I just don't know how!) Two thumbs up to this couple!
3.)    The bride and groom were stranded in Dubai so they had to attend their wedding in London VIA WEBCAM!
I love them! They just knew how to handle a horrible situation with a smile. I'm sure they'd have a fruitful marriage!
4.)    Couple ties the knot at zero gravity!
I don't like science at all, but this couple is just outrageous and bold! I love them!

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