We just received our first wedding gifts the other day! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
*stove, water dispenser, bed sheet (2 sets), dining set, pots, turbo broiler, rice cooker*

If you are planning to give any of these items to us, please know that we already have them!  My room is now filled with boxes (and I don’t mind at all!)

(We don't want to hassle you in going from one store to another. If you want to give us a gift, cash is much appreciated!)

From Alabang.

Find a way to reach Alabang-Zapote Road. Once you see Alabang Town Center on the left, you’re near! Other landmarks: Pacific Village, Shell, CitiBank on the right.

Turn right to Madrigal Business Park when you see Shell Station. You can turn left on the second street and you’ll see CCF Building there.

CCF is right in front of JCG Building.

If you are commuting, take Zapote, Baclaran, SM Southmall or Moonwalk. They would all lead you to Alabang-Zapote Road. Right after Alabang Town center, you’ll see Shell on your right. Get off the jeepney and walk near the Citibank walkway. =)  


This is how I looked like while finalizing the guest list.

I’ve sat down so many times trying to squeeze in friends’ names in the list and no matter how many times I delete some names, I always end up adding more. From 100 guests, the list went up to 180. 140 of which are from my side. (Lagot tlga ko kay Bert!)

I have to keep in mind two things: 1.) Bert has friends too whom he wants to invite, 2.) there’s a word we call “budget” and I have to respect that.

Hayyy… Hehehe…

Everyone’s been asking about the motif and the details of the wedding. In as much as I want to share ALL the details, I opt to keep you surprised that day.

All I can say is that it is unusually unique (I won’t let the other QSs read this post or I’d get a mark down in Language Skills for “redundancy” hehe).

Here are a few differences:

1.       There’s no secondary sponsors (bridesmaids, flower girls, Bible bearer, coin bearer)

2.       Everyone in Blue Jeans! (Am I included? Find out!)

3.       There’s no cake cutting, toast, bouquet and garter throwing (So what is there to expect? A LOT!)

There’s more but I’d opt to keep quiet. =)

Apart from my wedding gown design, the guests and entourage outfit has also evolved.

We wanted our guests to be as comfortable as they can be so we’ve decided to have them wear “casual attire.”  I guess it would be better if I say “Everyone in Blue Jeans!” Would that be more specific?

I was very much okay with it until my sister suggested that maybe we could ask you to wear “white top” too.

So there… it’s final.

Attire: Everyone in Blue Jeans and White Top

Are women really fickle minded?

I finally went to my mananahi (Ate Nits) last weekend.

Even before having a boyfriend, I already knew what wedding gown I wanted. So when Bert popped the question, I didn’t have to scout for wedding gown designs. I was firm. My design is what I wanted.

Then 3 days before our appointment with Ate Nits, I changed my mind! The new design was a bit traditional but my mom thought the new idea was good. So, we both agreed to scrap out my design.

The appointment came and I had my measurements done. And this is what happened…

“Wait Ate, what do you think about this??? This is much nicer! Take a look!” My sister pointing at another eccentric design!

Now, I’m trapped.

I had to sleep on it first (literally). And this morning I finally texted Ate Nits… I have made up my mind.

My design? Traditional? Eccentric?

Find out on my wedding day!

We don’t have a venue yet =p but we are eyeing CCF Alabang (our home court hehe). Bert and I both prefer having the wedding there.

I submitted a letter of intent to Pastor Joby yesterday about renting out the 4th floor. It is still for approval. Please pray with us that it may be approved. I was told that schedules have to be checked first. If there would be big events that day, then they can’t let us rent. I felt so anxious yesterday that it may not be approved. Well, God’s Will be done!

Please pray with us. And please pray for me too. That I will gladly accept whatever decision the office may have!

I didn’t exactly wish to be a June Bride but incidentally Bert’s birthday falls on June so we might as well maximize the date by having a double celebration!

Initially, we planned to have the wedding on October 10, 2010. 10-10-10. Nothing superstitious on that. We just find the date cute. Then, I found out a friend who’s marrying on the same date and I didn’t want half of our friends on her wedding and half on mine. So Bert and I agreed on my birthday instead which is a month after, November 7. But this is very close to Christmas and most people are busy with their own lives so we set the date earlier. 

                                                           * * *  

Why his birthday? I am giving him a favor. Most men have the tendency to forget wedding anniversaries. And now he has no reason to forget our anniversary!  

                                                Will you marry me?
          These could be the sweetest words any woman could ever hear.

You’ve read in my previous post that we’ve been talking about marriage ever since so I thought there was no more “Surprise! Will you marry me?” scene. 

Proposal through a wall post

No, not in Facebook. Read on. 

I got a usual call from him one night. He said, “Check out the picture on your wall.” I pasted our picture in my room. I know it’s cheesy! (Come on! You’re much more when you’re in love!). 

I got up from my comfortable position and gazed at our picture… And there… I saw words scribbled on top of it… the words I thought I won’t ever hear. Will you marry me?

Yes, he wrote them on my wall! (You can simply call it “romantic vandalism.”)

Right on that spot lies the wedding ring he just bought that day. 

“Did you see it?” he asked. I couldn’t say a word! “What? What’s your answer?”

Of course I said yes.

I replied to his wall post: That’s the sweetest proposal ever. YES! I want to marry you.  
January 1, 2010 would always be a memorable New Years Celebration for me. Bert and his entire family came to visit our humble home that day.


I’ve always dreaded meeting his family. He asked me several times to visit their house and I always declined. I told my mom about it and surprisingly she said, “What? Why do you keep saying no? You should meet his family!” My mom was very insistent and she wanted to meet them too so we set a date when my mom and I could visit their home, but unfortunately it got cancelled because of a certain typhoon.

Finally, Bert set a time for us to have dinner at their house. Her mom greeted me with a wide smile and open arms (literally) “Anak, I’d been waiting for you.”


And the rest was history…