“For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer”

I can’t help it... I just need to share this!

We were supposed to fly back to Manila on Tuesday. We headed to the airport 2 hours before our flight and I was in total panic when I didn’t see any signs of Cebu Pacific. Some people pointed us to a certain counter but there wasn’t anyone there. Then a janitor saved my life. He led me to a helpful crew. I asked her where we could check in for our Cebu Pacific flight and this was all she said “Huh? Midnight.”

The world suddenly stopped.

I went to Bert and checked our ticket. It was 1:20AM and not 1:20PM! All the while I thought we were flying in the afternoon.

So there… we missed our flight (because of me!!)

I am very blessed to have a forgiving and loving husband. When I told him we missed our flight, all he sad was “Ah ok. Ganun?” Then, he led me to the seats. We prayed and we sorted our options.
We asked if Air Asia still has flight tickets back to the Philippines. She said they don’t have flights until tomorrow morning. Hayy… And when we asked the ticket price, bigla kong nahilo. OMG.
We went to a computer shop and tried booking a flight from Cebu pacific. Unfortunately, it was also too expensive that I’d max out my credit card. We tried counting our cash and it was still insufficient for 2 tickets. We sat down again and thought we could just take a ship from Malaysia to Mindanao (seriously) and then fly from Mindanao to Manila. Not a good option. Hahha..

We asked Air Asia if we could book one flight using my credit card, and one flight paying in cash. The lady said it’s possible but she can’t guarantee we could sit together. We paid and had our flight tickets already when Bert noticed that the flight was not headed to Manila. Instead, it’s landing in Clark Field International Airport. Hayyy life!!!

It didn’t end there. We had to check in at a hotel again for the night. There was one hotel near the airport. We went there and when we were about to book, the lady said “Sorry, no more” Wahh.. We had to travel for another hour to go to KL Central and find a decent hotel. The nearest was too expensive. They only have Triple rooms left. We had no choice but to book at a not-so-nice hostel nearby.

Hay… it was a truly unforgettable experience for both of us.