Special Request:

Gals, special request sige na =D please wear RED NAILS and RED SHOES on Friday, ha? Thank you!!! =D

We just received our first wedding gifts the other day! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
*stove, water dispenser, bed sheet (2 sets), dining set, pots, turbo broiler, rice cooker*

If you are planning to give any of these items to us, please know that we already have them!  My room is now filled with boxes (and I don’t mind at all!)

(We don't want to hassle you in going from one store to another. If you want to give us a gift, cash is much appreciated!)

From Alabang.

Find a way to reach Alabang-Zapote Road. Once you see Alabang Town Center on the left, you’re near! Other landmarks: Pacific Village, Shell, CitiBank on the right.

Turn right to Madrigal Business Park when you see Shell Station. You can turn left on the second street and you’ll see CCF Building there.

CCF is right in front of JCG Building.

If you are commuting, take Zapote, Baclaran, SM Southmall or Moonwalk. They would all lead you to Alabang-Zapote Road. Right after Alabang Town center, you’ll see Shell on your right. Get off the jeepney and walk near the Citibank walkway. =)  


Apart from my wedding gown design, the guests and entourage outfit has also evolved.

We wanted our guests to be as comfortable as they can be so we’ve decided to have them wear “casual attire.”  I guess it would be better if I say “Everyone in Blue Jeans!” Would that be more specific?

I was very much okay with it until my sister suggested that maybe we could ask you to wear “white top” too.

So there… it’s final.

Attire: Everyone in Blue Jeans and White Top