Sir Abe (our class manager) told me yesterday out of nowhere that I was going to have twins. Was that a premonition? Hahaha… Aisha and I were just talking about the probability of me having twins prior to his statement. My lola had twins. And my mom got a miscarriage before Marchelle and they’re twins!

I honestly imagined myself blogging about raising them. I even googled if someone owns www.mytwins.com already and so far, that will be my next blog address if the Lord will bless me with 2 identical cute girls at once haha

Will I have twins?

I received super duper good news yesterday! My wedding leave starts on June 3 (the day before our wedding). But yesterday, HR sent an announcement…
That means I have an extended leave! I only work 2 days next week and from June 2 until June 9, I’m going to have my wedding leave!

8 days to go!!!

We finally finished typing the marriage contract! Oh my gosh! How I wish marriage contracts are now computerized! Don’t they know that typewriters are so out? Oh well, thanks to the love of my life… for his patience in typing it yesterday. Thank you Ate jo too for the typewriter and the template you lent us!

16 days to go!!!

Last week, something made me totally happy!

I started looking for my wedding shoes a few months ago. I know exactly what I want so I thought “the search” would be just fine. Unfortunately, it is the other way around. Since I know exactly what I want, I couldn’t settle for what I see in the stores. I even searched online and was still unsuccessful.

I wish I bought the first shoes I saw when I was searching. I thought then that it was too early to make a purchase. It would still be there in a month or two anyway. But hey, when I went back last month, the shoes were gone! Here’s the miracle. I don’t know how it happened but last week, it appeared again in the stalls! I immediately tried it on and I just love it~

I went home happy. =)

I was meaning to go home early on Friday afternoon to get ready for my Bohol trip but my I-will-just-glance-at-the-bridal-fair plan turned out to be about an hour of laughter with Kayzer, Anj and Angelo!

Kayzer – Cake Designer. Checking out his work made my jaw drop. Wow!
Not to mention, his negotiating skills coupled with Anj and Angelo’s “This is a good deal for you so go grab it!” made me say “Yes” in a blink of an eye! I will meet him tomorrow for the cake tasting. I’m super excited! 

We'll be getting our ninong and ninang's souvenir from him. We won't have fancy cakes like these though... (Remember, we don't have a wedding cake?)
Totally adorable!
Aren’t they totally gorgeous? Ang ganda diba?
 * * *
Anjie – Events Coordinator. Isa pa tong super social skills! Hahaha… Even if you just met her for the first time, it will definitely make you feel so at ease that you’d let her take the lead in your wedding preparation.
 * * *
Angelo – Photographer. If I really had more budget, I wouldn’t think twice of getting your super-duper-great-deal for our pre-nup. Don’t worry, I will super-duper endorse you to my friends naman! ^ ^  
So love it!!!

Nothing has significantly happened since my last post. My gown still needs repair and will have it done next week after I get back from Bohol. No, it’s not a vacation. I’m joining a competition in Toastmasters. I’d fly to Bohol on Saturday morning and fly back to Manila the next morning. No time to take photos with the tarsiers!

Since Toastmasters is a non-profit organization, I shouldered all the expense. And the air fare totally ripped me off!  You know how costly it is to get married and we needed to be tight on our budget. It was a tough decision whether I’d go or not. This is an important competition for me and Bert was kind enough to let me pursue my love for Public Speaking. =)

Please pray for me! The competition is this Saturday, April 23, 2010. And please pray for a safe flight for me too. I’d be travelling alone!

We just got some unexpected news from the venue the other day. We’re trying to fix it as soon as we can. We are adjusting the time and might have some adjustment in the reception venue too. Phew. Please help us pray that we’d be able to go on as planned.

Later today, I will meet with one of our might-be invitation suppliers to get some samples. On holy week, we’d also meet another one to compare the material and of course the price! We’re planning on sending out the invitations by early May. I visited the guest list and it doesn’t seem like I’d be able to squeeze it in to 100 people. We are hoping we could make it smaller partly because of the new venue (and budget too).

After meeting the supplier later, I’d be meeting with my mananahi to finally fit my wedding gown. I’m scared and excited at the same time. I wonder if my mananahi got the right length. We were debating over how long it should be the last time we met hahaha… =D

And the souvenir! From the very beginning, we knew what souvenir we’d like to give out. Unfortunately, I had been texting the supplier since February and they are not yet available. I plan to text him again after Holy week. I am still hopeful we could get them in time for the wedding. And the thing is… we don’t have plan B yet! Can I start crying now?

                                                       71 days to go!
                                                       (hindi nga???)

The brides’ most much awaited part of the wedding preparation is probably fitting their wedding gowns! And I’m gonna do it soon. The gown’s very simple. Nothing fancy, but I am still excited at how I’d look with the wedding gown. All I can say is that, it is very me.

I also got my sort of entourage gowns the other day. (“Sort of” because I don’t have an entourage. I just had my family members’ gowns made) Well, they’re not gowns mmmm whatever you call it. Hehehe…

I had been quite busy at work (as always) and don’t get to update this site as often as I used to.

                                                     77 days to go!
                                                  (if my math is right)

*We are still lost with our latest Guest list headcount. Hehe..

*We are having a blast in our marriage counseling with Tito Conrad and Tita Chu and we’re excited to have more sessions with them in the next Saturdays to come!

*We are already finalizing our plans with our very loving Caterer, Tita Beth and Tito Roger. We’ve passed on the details to Aisha already, my ever supportive Wedding Coordinator.

*We’re getting our gowns this Friday, I hope.

*I’m not sure if I’ve shared it already but we’ve gotten our Marriage License few weeks ago. 

                            And yes...... 80 days to go before we say "I do!"

Perhaps not plenty, but just a few changes.

Please understand that…

I am a woman.

I have the right to be fickle-minded.

Sorry naman. Hehe...