Apart from my wedding gown design, the guests and entourage outfit has also evolved.

We wanted our guests to be as comfortable as they can be so we’ve decided to have them wear “casual attire.”  I guess it would be better if I say “Everyone in Blue Jeans!” Would that be more specific?

I was very much okay with it until my sister suggested that maybe we could ask you to wear “white top” too.

So there… it’s final.

Attire: Everyone in Blue Jeans and White Top

2/24/2010 07:10:04 am

Are you like super sure on this one? Don't you think a smart casual or cocktail dress would be good? hehe coz you'll be wearing your gown tapos everyone else is like going to the mall.. know what I mean? hehe

2/24/2010 07:12:57 am

super sure! =p


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