A lot of people had been asking me about our love story… so here. I am about to share it now! =)

This is not very cheesy, so no worries!

We met in 2008. We were both part of the play in the Singles Retreat. We became quite good friends for at least 2 weeks during rehearsals. We didn’t communicate much until a year after.

One Sunday, he saw me at the church’s lobby and he was star struck, “She’s still so pretty” (that is a complete exaggeration obviously hehehe). We started communicating again. This time it was more than hi and hello. We had several group dates until he was beginning to send me home and pick me up Sunday after Sunday. He laid down his intentions early on so I wasn’t that surprised when we started talking about marriage.

I broke up with my ex early 2009 so I was a little hesitant to jump in another relationship. I kept praying God would send him away if he weren’t for me. I had a few issues about myself and being in another relationship… So, I just kept praying.

Until… things have gotten very serious. I fasted for I-can’t-remember-how-many-times during our dating period. I had to study him. Would we match? What was he like in this and that situation? And a lot more!

And there… it just happened! The Lord quieted my heart.

I found peace. =)

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