June Bride - THE BIG DAY: Albert and Viviene
I didn’t exactly wish to be a June Bride but incidentally Bert’s birthday falls on June so we might as well maximize the date by having a double celebration!

Initially, we planned to have the wedding on October 10, 2010. 10-10-10. Nothing superstitious on that. We just find the date cute. Then, I found out a friend who’s marrying on the same date and I didn’t want half of our friends on her wedding and half on mine. So Bert and I agreed on my birthday instead which is a month after, November 7. But this is very close to Christmas and most people are busy with their own lives so we set the date earlier. 

                                                           * * *  

Why his birthday? I am giving him a favor. Most men have the tendency to forget wedding anniversaries. And now he has no reason to forget our anniversary!  

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