The BIG day gets nearer and nearer! - THE BIG DAY: Albert and Viviene
We just got some unexpected news from the venue the other day. We’re trying to fix it as soon as we can. We are adjusting the time and might have some adjustment in the reception venue too. Phew. Please help us pray that we’d be able to go on as planned.

Later today, I will meet with one of our might-be invitation suppliers to get some samples. On holy week, we’d also meet another one to compare the material and of course the price! We’re planning on sending out the invitations by early May. I visited the guest list and it doesn’t seem like I’d be able to squeeze it in to 100 people. We are hoping we could make it smaller partly because of the new venue (and budget too).

After meeting the supplier later, I’d be meeting with my mananahi to finally fit my wedding gown. I’m scared and excited at the same time. I wonder if my mananahi got the right length. We were debating over how long it should be the last time we met hahaha… =D

And the souvenir! From the very beginning, we knew what souvenir we’d like to give out. Unfortunately, I had been texting the supplier since February and they are not yet available. I plan to text him again after Holy week. I am still hopeful we could get them in time for the wedding. And the thing is… we don’t have plan B yet! Can I start crying now?

                                                       71 days to go!
                                                       (hindi nga???)

3/30/2010 01:02:14 pm

Don't worry Viv's everything will be fine...Be happy all the time :-) Miss you na! I'm so happy for you and your soon to be husband. God loves you so much! Just lift up evrything unto Him and He will find a way...:-)


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