Are women really fickle minded?

I finally went to my mananahi (Ate Nits) last weekend.

Even before having a boyfriend, I already knew what wedding gown I wanted. So when Bert popped the question, I didn’t have to scout for wedding gown designs. I was firm. My design is what I wanted.

Then 3 days before our appointment with Ate Nits, I changed my mind! The new design was a bit traditional but my mom thought the new idea was good. So, we both agreed to scrap out my design.

The appointment came and I had my measurements done. And this is what happened…

“Wait Ate, what do you think about this??? This is much nicer! Take a look!” My sister pointing at another eccentric design!

Now, I’m trapped.

I had to sleep on it first (literally). And this morning I finally texted Ate Nits… I have made up my mind.

My design? Traditional? Eccentric?

Find out on my wedding day!

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